Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shhhh, It's been very quiet on this blog.

I am sure many of you have been wondering what is up with the Tordoff's since our return from Latvia. The answer quite simply is Following our three weeks in Latvia, we had to quickly immerse ourselves back into school, work and the pleasures of integrating Luke and Hannah in to our family and community.

We've been blessed to have had a visit from Grammy and Grampy Tordoff from Maine shortly after our return home. They were a HUGE help by dog sitting Zoe in our absence. They drove to Lancaster from Maine to spend a couple days here before taking Zoe north for a Maine vacation. Needless to say, everyone was thrilled when Zoe returned home with Grammy and Grampy.

We also had a fun visit from Nana and Pop-pop Cobbol from Connecticut along with Aunt Nancy and Uncle Marty. The kids have really enjoyed and valued meeting family. While everyone was in town we were also able to go to Sight and Sound's production of Jonah. Needless to say a real treat for all.

In between all of the fun, we also have been going through many adjustments as we get used to living as a family of five. Due to the adoption not being final yet, the kids have been home schooled by Sue each day. This has been a lot on Sue to keep finding appropriate curriculum for their levels and keep all the kids focused and engaged. Some days are smooth, but often this is a struggle. Needless to  say, we all are looking forward to the time when they are able to go to school. This is partly for the academics, but also so they can engage with other kids socially and get a change of scenery from our house.

Of course, we've had the usual fun of Halloween to take part in since we've been home. We had a baseball player (Luke), a cat (Kaitlyn) and a snow queen (Hannah) marching around the neighborhood. Luke and Kaitlyn were also able to go to a fun "56" party at church that was highlighted by marshmallow fights.

We now know the next steps in the adoption process. The next court date in Latvia is set for December 6, so Kevin and Luke will once again be heading to the airport on December 3.  This is the trip when the adoption should become approved and finalized by the court. We have a return flight scheduled for December 7. We're happy this is a 5 day trip and not another 3 weeks. We have also received approval of our I-800 form from the US government and have had our home visit by the social worker completed. If you remember, we were praying for the second trip to happen prior to the end of the year to qualify for the adoption tax credit. Thank you Lord for allowing this to happen!

Here's just a few pictures from our time at home over the last few weeks.

Our Halloween tricksters

Pumpkin carving time
Hannah at the kids party at HOPE
Bonding over electronics
The quiet side of Hannah
Getting some energy out at a local park
A couple of new cooks in the kitchen

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